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We’re not just focused on selling you a product, but on working with you from the start for a final project that includes the importance of your home architecture, landscaping, and project vision for one seamless integration.

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Whether your thinking of a backyard retreat or an indoor getaway, our professional build team at Discount Pool and Spa will work with you throughout the whole process, turning your dream into a reality. There’s a wide range of possibilities to consider and we are experts at navigating the process to achieve your dream result with the best integration with your home or outdoor space.

An in-ground spa can add a dramatic effect to your yard or living space, you can customize both the shape and size. They can easily be integrated into a deck or patio, or even a built on multi-season room. Combined with a pool or other features they can turn your yard into a dramatic landscape. There are many advantages and options we’ll work through with you to arrive at the best possible result.